Elon Musk:“中国未来很有可能成为世界头号经济体,但它的官员们却还是弱国心态”

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSD_vpfikbE (Invidious)

    去年末Elon Musk参加了WSJ的视频专访,专访最后留出了一个与会嘉宾提问,开始于视频末尾。

    Q: First, thank you for what you're doing in terms of your breakthrough for humanity. I'm curious about your views on China and the United States. Just from the free-flowing spaces, do you want to share your thoughts?


    Elon Musk: Yeah, I think we are at an interesting point of history where the United States has been the world largest economy for as long as anyone can remember. I think US became the largest economy, I don't know, probably a hundred and twenty or a hundred and thirty years ago. There's nobody that old really anymore who can remember the time when the United States is not the world biggest economy. Now, we're ahead with the situation China can probably have an economy two to three times as size as the United States. So that's just a different world. I do think there are a lot of people in the government in China who kinda grew up with China being a small economy, and maybe who feel like China was pushed around a lot. They haven't fully appreciated the fact that China really is gonna be the biggest kid on the block. If you're gonna be the biggest kid on the block, then you could really be pretty chill about things, you know. You don't have to worry about like... Other countries are not really a threat to you if you're by far the biggest kid on the block. So, I would say that's kind of important mindset change hopefully that China goes through. How would you want the biggest kid on the block to behave. Now you're the biggest kid on the block, then wouldn't you want to behave like what you would want the biggest kid on the block to behave? I think that's pretty important. Overall, I think Tesla has a good relationship with China. That doesn't mean I endorse everything that China does any more than I would say endorse everything that the United States does, or any country. But overall I think we are ahead to an interesting and different world. I hope that we can remember that we are all human beings and at least try to have as positive a relationship as possible and work towards neutral prosperity as humanity as a whole.

    马斯克:好的。我认为我们正处在一个有趣的历史时刻,此时美国作为世界最大经济体已经长到超过所有人的记忆。我想美国可能在120或130年前就成为了最大经济体。现在没有任何人能老到记起美国不是世界头号经济体的时候。现在我们正面临的处境是中国可能成为一个是美国两三倍大的经济体。所以那会是个不一样的世界。我认为中国政府里的很多人,他们生长在中国是个小经济体的年代,他们可能感觉中国被使唤来使唤去得过了头。他们没完全明白中国快要成为街区里最大块头的那个(the biggest kid on the block)这个事实。如果你快要成为街区里的最大块头,你真的可以非常轻松地看待很多事。你不必担心,像是……如果你是街区最大块头的那个,其他国家真心对你构不成威胁。所以我认为心态的转变很重要,但愿中国能转变过来。你(中国)想让街区最大块头的那个(美国)怎么做?而现在换成你成为街区里最大块的那个了,你是否以身作则?我认为这很重要。总体上,我认为特斯拉和中国有着良好的关系。这不代表我为中国所作的任何事背书,就像我不为美国所作的任何事背书一样,或者任何国家。但整体上,我认为我们正走向一个有趣且不同的世界。我希望我们都能记得我们都是人,至少尽可能地拥有一个更加积极的关系并作为全人类实现互惠。